Friday, January 07, 2011

Hairdresser Observations

I had my hair cut today (humongous amounts of hair on the floor afterward). I also got told off (as usual) for trimming my own bangs (with nail scissors) in-between the visits. (My hairdresser is great, and most of that's just part of our usual bantering. But how odd that it's the very first thing he said to me when I walked in! Are my bangs really that uneven? Don't answer.)

These visits are my time to catch up on women's magazines, and that's what I did today, too. My instant impression: Models are getting thinner. I saw three ads in the last two issues of the Vogue with unnaturally thin models. In one case the upper arms of the model must have been touched up because they were narrower than human arms can be. I thought the fashion folks decided not to push anorexic body images any more?

A recent catalog I got at home had a model on its cover whose knees were the thickest part of her legs.

Anorexia can kill. This is not just some sort of a prudish feminazi concern. Besides, I hate the kind of crap where the firms don't walk their talk.