Saturday, December 18, 2010

'Worst sex ever' (by Suzie)

Documents seen by the Guardian reveal for the first time the full details of the allegations of rape and sexual assault that have led to extradition hearings against the WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange.
Assange's main lawyer in England "has repeatedly complained that Assange has not been allowed to see the full allegations against him, but it is understood his Swedish defence team have copies of all the documents seen by the Guardian."

The Guardian says it has spoken to "the co-ordinator of the Swedish WikiLeaks group," who also gave a statement to Swedish police, calling the first accuser "very, very credible." The co-ordinator talked to the women and to Assange.
The co-ordinator of the WikiLeaks group in Stockholm, who is a close colleague of Assange and who also knows both women, told the Guardian: "This is a normal police investigation. Let the police find out what actually happened. Of course, the enemies of WikiLeaks may try to use this, but it begins with the two women and Julian. It is not the CIA sending a woman in a short skirt."
When journalists first asked Assange what happened, he tweeted that the complaints were "dirty tricks" by the U.S. His first statement to a newspaper was that he didn't know who these two women were because their names had not been announced. So, it looks like he is capable of lying to the media.

Please read this if you want more details from his accusers and others in Sweden.