Thursday, December 16, 2010

Berlusconi's Appetites

I've been following the attempt to get rid of Berlusconi in Italy. The no-confidence vote failed, despite three very pregnant opposition MPs turning up to vote. That wasn't enough and the street riots were not enough. Berlusconi hangs onto power with his dentures.

He's a greedy man, full of appetites. They may be the usual ones for power, money and sex, and he is utterly open about them. Women, for him, are steaks. Either too undone, just right or past their prime.

The media knows this and ridicules him for his orgies and his girlfriends and his use of paid sex. What the media seems to fail to notice is that this is not just some weird rich guy. This is a man supposed to consider the best of the citizens of Italy, and roughly half of those citizens he views as steak.