Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Visiting the Boyz at YouTube

I got on this trip by accident. While looking at this video of a world record breaking pole vault by Isinbeyeva (from some time ago) I made the big mistake of reading the comments.

It could be that women athletes on YouTube are now the poor man's pornography sites. The comments sure support that hypothesis. Here's a fairly representative sample of the comments, though they are repeated over and over and over again:

if she had bigger boobs she wouldved knockd that down lol?

She can vault my? pole any day!

Mmm she? could vault my pole.

I wish? she would play with my pole.

if her boobs were bigger she would have gotten hurt....

if here boobs were 1 cm bigger she? would of faild O.o

hells yea? shes hot look at ur ass lol

if her? boobs is abit bigger, she would have failed the WR. haha

she is? flat omg

what chest? she has no chest?

Hot chicks always know how to handle the? pole...

WHAT A HOTTIE!!!! she can break the record? with my pole if she wanted to....

yea i would destroy that ass? of hers

She is Lucky that she wasnt a DOULBLE Ds.?

I would wreck that? chick.

dude she kinda looks creepy like? i mean shes not bad looking but weird so ya im not gay i like da PUSSY XD

I? like to pole her.

listen lezbo. girls are only good at doin house? work thats y the guys do everything else cause we do it better :p suck on that dike

whaha no tits. if she had boobs she? didnt make it xD

so sexy , great? ass

id like to plant my pole in her? box

shes super hot. the only reson i watched it?

nice abs.? and face. i'd fap to it.

would she? be willing to perform some maintenance to my pole?

i kno i fuck her in the? air as she goes up

she'd be ugly if she was fat?



i agree with u dude, but tell me... wouldnt you stick ur pole in her ass??? just look at that!!!!!?

y? is she not making sandwiches?

im glad that she? is not one of those shemales who run track

imagen if the pole went in? her pussy (lol)

There have been thousands of pole vaults higher than that but womens sport gives us some? pretty girls to look at

i wonder if the huge pole would go through her ass, she has a? great one lol

she can front flip onto? my d*ck haha
Then there is this exchange:

god can people stop posting about her looks and just respect her as an amazing? athlete?

she is an amazingly beautiful athlete , whats wrong with that , im sure she wouldnt be offended by that , are you a fiminist ??
Bwahaha! And then, of course the reason why all these comments (and there are loads more in the thread!) are perfectly fine to post on YouTube:

If she? doesn't like us perving over her, she shouldn't wear such tight skimpy clothes.
See? It's not these boyz' fault! It's the athlete's fault. She should be vaulting in a baggy sack and perhaps in that case the comments could be (but only perhaps) about her athletic performance rather than her porn ratings.

Now, the usual advice is to ignore the comments on YouTube. They gather all the bottom feeders and we are to assume that there aren't that many of those and that we won't come across them in our daily lives.

But is that assumption a good one? Consider the comments at an other YouTube site, this time about the high jumper Blanka Vlasic. Her waist is not bare or at least she doesn't wear a bikini-type outfit. So are the comments now about her athletics?


jeez her face is the fucking ugliest thing I have ever? seen

rounded into? shape real nicely... hell yes.

I cum? at 0:25 every time.

Pretty ugly chick - I'd take? the Slovakian sprinter over her anyday.

This one looks like a Mexican gardener.

What? a great way to get in bed!!!

her face looks like a zombie.
All the other videos of female athletes I checked are pretty much the same. The women are judged for their f***ability, either positively or negatively, and there are always a few snide comments about how women aren't good for anything else but housecleaning and f***ing. It is mostly superficial and always about judging the athlete on the basis of her sexual appeal. The expectation seems to be that she's there for that very reason.

But she is not there for that reason and she doesn't get paid for all that masturbation that goes on. Then ask yourselves what the message of these threads might be to young girls who want to look at good performances in their chosen fields. I bet the effect is chilling. They learn that if they succeed it is their bottoms and breasts which will be dissected on YouTube.

So how many bottom feeders ARE there? I'm not sure but the numbers I can see are pretty frightening, and so is the message: We Will Not Take Women Seriously Except as F***toyz.

The second message is that these people really are inane. Once one man has posted the quip about his pole/the athlete's flat chest why bother writing it in over and over and over again? Indeed, why bother writing it in the first time?

The only explanation I can think of is that first message: Yes, these comments are from bottom feeders (though there may be many more of those than I ever imagined) AND these bottom feeders believe that they have the absolute right to publicly evaluate the sexual attractiveness of any woman they come across. Is this a consequence of Internet pornography's greater acceptability?
Note: Those comment threads also contain more reasonable comments. But the proportions are wildly in favor of the pornified ones.