Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thursday Fluff Post: Clothes

I have gone all fashionista! Yes, me. I bought an early 1960s cashmere overcoat through the Internet for 29 dollars. We shall see if it's any good and if it's still wearable.

If it is not, I have a Plan! I'm going to felt it in the washing machine and make potholders, ties and winter bras out of it and then sell them here on the blog. Every one will have a cute little snake embroidered on it by me. For only 250 smackers! What do you think of that great business idea? My friend rolled her eyes after hearing it and muttered that I never change.

One coat wouldn't give enough felted cashmere, though, so I hope it is wearable.

I like vintage clothes because the ones that still remain do that for a reason: They were good from the beginning. I have a Victorian linen top somewhere, and when I only weigh fifty pounds I will wear it. It is hand-sewn and has great cutwork around the neck.

I also have a 1917 silk dress which I have worn in the past (and now feel guilty over that). It is stunningly beautiful, with a sequined top and those multiple layers of chiffon for the lower half and uneven hems and a thousand hooks and eyes.

This is the girly post for the year, probably.