Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Questions of the Hour [Anthony McCarthy]

My past writing on politics here has been based on possibilities which have turned out to be mistaken. I feel pretty well discredited by the performance of Democrats in the Senate and the Administration but I will not ignore the attempts of Democrats in the House and in legislatures around the country to keep faith.

What should liberals and the left do in the present circumstances?

Who should we try to work with in Washington DC? Should we try to work with anyone in the federal government?

Barack Obama has betrayed and disappointed us up till now, I don't see any evidence that he intends to change that record. He seems to be quite satisfied with its results or he would change his political strategy of pursuing fictitious bipartisanship, even as the Republicans reap the rewards of their strategy of HELL NO!

I don't believe Barack Obama is stupid, his refusal to change has some other explanation, but I'm not interested in that. In politics results matter, not the personalities or identities of the politicians we elect to get those results.

Now should we proceed?

I will read your suggestions and will take your advice to heart in anything I write on this in the future.