Friday, November 19, 2010

Pies, cakes subjected to extra screening (by Suzie)

You can bring pies and cakes through the security checkpoint, but please be advised that they are subject to additional screening.
-- News from the TSA on holiday travel. Cranberry sauce, salsa and snowglobes are a no-go.

Discussion continues on my post Wednesday about the enhanced security at U.S. airports, but I wanted to update you. In other TSA news, pilots have gotten a reprieve from the scanners and pat-downs, but flight attendants have not. I'm predicting the new policy will fall because Republican men don't want anyone looking at or touching their junk without permission. The rest of us are just having a fascinating discussion.

In an interview, the don't-touch-my-junk guy says he's heard that his case will be dropped and that he won't have to pay a fine. The good news for animal lovers is that the incident kept him from a pheasant-hunting trip. He had packed his shotguns as baggage, and I can assure you as a Texan that the residue from handling weapons can set off security machines.