Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My First Thought

After hearing of the Republican victory in the House was that we are gonna hear a lot about baby killing again. The House will spend days and days and days on discussing various incremental ways of cutting back on abortion.

Sure, people voted on the economy, we are told. But what we got is lots more pro-forced-birthers in the House and in state governments.

It's a bit like what took place in Aceh, Indonesia, when the shariah law first was implemented there. The people of Aceh wanted it. Interviews on the BBC told me that many feared crime on the streets and were very pleased to hear about the installation of the shariah law. One woman said that now she could go out and feel safe.

But when the same BBC program interviewed the powers that be behind the shariah law introduction in Aceh, they told that their major focus was to be on punishing adulterers and on stopping gambling.

Doesn't sound quite the same now, does it? I think the same displacement is happening here:

Meanwhile, opponents of the Obama administration's health care law, business leaders and conservative groups have begun making plans, too, for what they expect will be a series of welcome openings. Among the possibilities: a new flurry of proposed state prohibitions on abortion, same-sex marriage and illegal immigration.

"I feel like a little boy on Christmas morning — which package do you open up first?" said Troy Newman, the leader of Operation Rescue, an anti-abortion group. Already, abortion opponents were considering pressing for new regulations in New Mexico, Iowa and Kansas, where Sam Brownback, the Republican governor-elect, follows Democratic governors who vetoed some abortion limits approved by the Republican-controlled Legislature.
Welcome to the era of a limited government!

When did Operation Rescue become a respectable group for the New York Times to get quotes from?