Monday, November 08, 2010

More On My Blogoversary

Now that is a horrible word. Like squeezing a hot boiled potato between your front teeth, or trying to do so. But I do have my seventh anniversary today, so I decided to celebrate it from tomorrow onward by writing posts about what I have learned from this blog during the last seven years. I hope some of that will be of interest to you, my dear readers. I'm still going to write about the Events Of The Day, too.

When I realized, late last night, that the date of the anniversary was today I felt pulled into several directions.

On the one hand, I love (love!) my readers and the adulation and the arguments, and I love preaching and ranting and raving.

On the other hand, seven years is a long time and it's not clear whether I have achieved anything by this endeavor, other than having fun and finding that I indeed can take pretty awful insults without falling apart. Also, my house is now always messy and dusty and my garden but a sweet memory.

On the third hand, seven years IS a long time and I have stuck to doing this! Go me.

And so on.

My heartfelt thanks go to Suzie and Anthony McCarthy and all the other kind and wise people who have written for this blog in the past and may do so in the future if we decide to keep it going.

PS: Send money if you can afford it. Thanks for all who have already given and thanks for all who read here.