Friday, November 05, 2010

Friday critter blogging (by Suzie)

One good thing happened this Tuesday: Bank of America postponed the auction of my sister's house until next month.

Earlier, she had been distraught about her dogs, both large breeds, both from people who couldn't care for them.

She had no place to go but a small mobile home, where her son, his wife and their son live with their 9-year-old cat Ringo. Deacon, a 4-year-old white German shepherd, and Chloe, an 11-year-old St. Bernard, behaved like cats were their sworn enemies, whenever one would pass by.

She decided that she had to give away Deacon, but we couldn't find anyone to take him, even though he has a lovely disposition. No-kill nonprofits had run out of volunteers to foster dogs. She couldn't part with Chloe, who she's had since the Saint was a fur ball. But how could she risk Ringo's life?

She decided to bring both dogs to the trailer, but keep a close rein on them. To her surprise, Deacon and Chloe seem to have accepted that they are living in Ringo's home. Ringo has strokes of slobber on his fur where Chloe has licked him. Soon my sister hopes to place Deacon with a family friend.

The media wrote a lot about "foreclosure pets" a couple of years ago. But I'm guessing the problem has only worsened.

P.S. I'll be gone for the weekend, but yes, I especially love the photo with Chloe, even though the focus isn't great.