Friday, October 29, 2010

A little music on DV (by Suzie)

This song played in my head while I was finishing up today's post. It's from the first "Respond" CD, which raises money for Respond Inc., a Boston nonprofit that serves survivors of domestic violence. It's a 2-CD collection from female New England singer-songwriters. "Respond II" is more eclectic. But both are great for anyone who likes to hear women's voices.

This is how I read Deb Pasternak's "One Regret": A woman feels guilt and regret that she stayed so long with an abuser, lying to cover up the situation. She realizes that the way to truly be free is to let go of the guilt. I was surprised to see the video, in which she has killed the abuser. I think it makes more sense if this is seen as a metaphor.