Sunday, September 26, 2010

What I Did While Stacking Wood This Week [Anthony McCarthy]

A man booked a weeks vacation at a luxury resort. He checked in, being wowed by the decor and service and in the morning he went down to breakfast. He was surprised to see that the only item on the menu was oatmeal. He thought and decided the cook must be out so he ordered the oatmeal and ate it and went on with his morning.

At lunch time he went back to the dining room and was surprised to see that there was only oatmeal on the menu. He was puzzled but being very satisfied with everything else and not being the kind of person to make a fuss he had the oatmeal, now looking forward to supper.

At suppertime, you guessed, only oat meal on the menu.

This time he went to the front desk and told the clerk he would like to speak to the manager. The manager came out and said, Yes, Monsieur?

"I don't want to complain but.... this is a very expensive hotel and.... well, every time I go to the dining room the only thing that's being served is oatmeal. When I talked to you on the phone to make my reservation that's not what you told me.

Ah, but, Monsieur, I was very clear in what I said. I told you this 'otel serves only oat cuisine.