Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Great Communicators of the Democratic Party

Must count Lawrence Summers among those, must! He's leaving. Too little too late, I think, but in any case here's an assessment of his communication skills:

Summers, known for his abrasive style, has not been the best communicator of the administration's economic policies. His departure would allow Obama to bring in a new public face for his economic agenda.

Then Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid:

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid had an unusual form of praise for New York's junior senator, Kirsten Gillibrand, this morning at the fundraiser Mayor Bloomberg hosted for him at his townhouse - referring to her as "the hottest member" as she sat just a few feet away, according to three sources.


First Bloomberg spoke, then Sen. Chuck Schumer, and then Reid, according to the sources. Reid praised Schumer at length, discussing how he could have run for governor - and won - in 2006, but didn't, and instead accepted the Nevada senator's entreaties to run the DSCC.

Then he turned his attention to Gillibrand, saying something about how "many senators are known for many things," according to a source. He added, "We in the Senate refer to Sen. Gillibrand as the hottest member."

He also then discussed her knowledge of securities law as extremely deep, and suggested she was better on certain policy elements than other people, according to the sources.

Tinfoil hattie pointed this out to me. She also noted that "we in the Senate" business. Did Reid ask the female Senators of their opinions there, I wonder?

I also wonder if I should state here that Harry Reid has a face like the backside of a chicken with diarrhea? No. That would be inappropriate.