Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Did He Use Bleach Afterwards?

Pope Benedict XVI, I mean. After all, he shook hands with a clergywoman!

Pope Benedict XVI publicly shook hands with a clergywoman for the first time in a historic gesture ahead of a service at Westminster Abbey.

The Pope joined Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Rowan Williams for the highly-symbolic ecumenical service.

In what marked the first visit by any pope to the Abbey, the pontiff was presented to the Rev Dr Jane Hedges, canon steward of Westminster Abbey.


The introduction of women bishops in the Church of England, which moved a step closer this summer, has been opposed by the Vatican as a ''break with apostolic tradition'' and a ''further obstacle'' to any efforts at dialogue between the two churches.

To add to the tensions, in July the Vatican listed the attempted ordination of a woman, just as sexual abuse of a child by a priest, as one of the gravest crimes for the Catholic Church.

Emphasis is mine. And so is the righteous anger one should feel when reading that bolded sentence.