Tuesday, August 31, 2010

We Are Ba-ack!

"We" being the stories about manly strongmen and wimps. This was on Drudge's front page yesterday:

The man on the left is Barack Obama, the man on the right is Vladimir Putin, and the reptile brain implication is that they have a real testosterone-infused killer as their leader whereas we have a guy who wears a bike helmet. Which is sissy.

What we need is a president who will tear off the heads of kittens, with his bare teeth, right on national television! That would be appropriate, just as having a former KGB guy as the president of Russia is appropriate.

These masculinity dreams are really quite hilarious to watch if you forget all that it ultimately means: The desire for a thundering patriarch at the helm of this nation. No woman could ever fill that role.

This links right back to my earlier posts about how men in politics are attacked as being effeminate.