Thursday, July 22, 2010

Utterly Hilarious

Is this piece about Real Men. I laughed and laughed and laughed until I had to cross my legs. But more seriously, I have learned that the history of gender roles was nothing like the stuff history books contain! Nope.

Women were treasured in the past, because of their wombs. The wombs had to be kept safe and then of course breastfeeding made it necessary for women to have no rights at all. They couldn't very well go out to hunt the mammoth which was the only source of food in the olden days. The only! Don't listen to those mean feminists who talk about gathering and shit. No, it's all about hunting and sweat lodges for days afterward for the Real Men. They had no time to cure the meat, what with the sweat lodges, so of course the women did that and a few other chores while having a couple of babies hanging off their breasts.

But women were treasured in the past! Men would rise up the minute they walked into that mammoth-hunters' circle! Men were all knights who wrote ballads about the lovely ladies and fought duels over them!

Then men got a little bit too excited about protecting women. Stuff like burqas and laws that kept women from education and many occupations... Still, it was really to protect the uteri which were necessary for the survival of the species (through parthenogenesis, I guess).

But in any case the writer of this hilarious and totally ignorant piece is looking for a mammoth-hunting guy who will pop up the minute she enters the room and will only call her a c**t in the locker-room, not to her face. Which men do today because of feminism and women not staying at home under male protection. Calling women c**ts to their faces, I mean.

Oh dear...