Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Another Nasty Travel Observation

I swear I don't make only nasty observations! The sky, for instance, is the bluest of all blues, the clouds like innocent baby lambs, the forests greener than emeralds and so on. But where else can I complain about finding this cartoon in a fairly large Finnish newspaper?

The text translates as follows: The woman in the cartoon reads a paper which states that a harasser (or something a bit stronger) of women has been arrested. She then swears (oh f**k or something similar).

The joke is of course the assumption that old and ugly women would actually like to be the targets of sexual harassment or violence. Then there's the whole idea that sexual violence is something rather innocent. A good basis for a few jokes about age and ugliness in women.

This is a very old joke. I find it astonishing that it's still found funny, tho.