Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Sex And The City 2

I haven't seen it. Confession time: I have never seen a single episode of the series or the previous movie, either.

But this review made me want to see it:

What have you heard about Sex and the City 2? That it's bad? Let me tell you: this may be the most radical, challenging film ever made.

It is also deeply conservative. That combination has the capacity to blow minds. People will stagger out of cinemas in Tennessee and Arkansas, bug-eyed and dribbling. This could also happen in places where they weren't bug-eyed and dribbling on the way in.

The first oddness of the film comes from the fact that the creators of the TV series were evidently kidnapped, bound and hidden in a cupboard while the entire project was taken over by the hardline, religious right.

Do you agree? And what skilled and mean writing! Somehow I don't think you'd get away with that in the American press.