Saturday, June 26, 2010

It’s Time For Loaded Up Liberals To Make A Showing [Anthony McCarthy]

Now that prominent Republicans like Sarah Palin, Republican candidates for the Senate and other offices are making thinly veiled threats of assassination and insurrection as politics by other means, it’s high time for folks on the left to start investigating the use of “second amendment remedies” to address our political frustrations The right wing members of the Supreme Court are encouraging these nut cases in only slightly more veiled language. Together, they’re turning the United States into one big bad neighborhood. I think it’s time we responded in the way they’ve handed us. The growing prevalence of right wing loons carrying arms at public events makes it necessary to form a new group. Actually, to form a number of new groups dedicated to openly and conspicuously carrying guns in the kinds of displays that are beginning to make the United States look like a pale, over-fed version of Somalia.

Gays With Guns would be one of these groups with a very good reason to begin attending appearances by Republican politicians, right wing religious figures, the whole alphabet soup of right wing front groups that have every letter covered. I can’t imagine anything that the right wing would welcome more than a large number of aggressive gay folk exercising their “second amendment rights”. How could they object?

Women With Weapons is certainly a group that could make a good showing at anti-choice events, Hooters Clubs, Video Game conventions..... the opportunities for a mind blowing show of constitutional rights by this group are more abundant than for just about any other.

I’d really like to see Mexicans With Magnums, Latins Loaded-Up and other such groups appearing with their large, legal armaments showing up to Anti-immigration events, Glenn Beck and Lou Dobbs appearances, etc.

I could go on finding alliterative names for potential groups all night.

The prospect of hanging is supposed to be a great aid in concentrating the attention. I can’t think of something the country needs more than focused attention. It certainly seems to be rather blase about politicians threatening armed violence against the government. This issue is over-ripe for it as we head into the election season. I think the Supreme Court, Republicans and Blue Dogs and, indeed, the entire right should be allowed to see that it’s not only straight, white conservatives who have the ability to amass arsenals and brandish them in public. Somehow, I think if these and other groups began to show up armed to the teeth in venues where prominent Republican politicians were appearing, it might have a remarkable effect in bringing things into focus.