Monday, June 21, 2010

I Hate New Hampshire

I do. Just drove through it today, because I had to, in order to get out of beautiful Vermont. And don't you dare tell me that I shouldn't hate New Hampshire, because it is most certainly hateworthy. Here's why:

I was parched for water so I stopped at one of those state of New Hampshire rest stops. The stop contained a building with vending machines, a building with a guy sitting behind a counter full of maps and a store selling alcohol. Water was to be had in the vending machines.

Except that the smallest bill I had was a tenner and the machines wouldn't accept that. I went to the store to see if they sold non-alcoholic beverages. They do not. Neither are they willing to change a ten-dollar note to something smaller.

Next I went to the man with the maps. He refused to change the note, too. He also told me that they used to have a money changing machine but someone robbed it so they removed it. Hence the need for me to die of thirst, naturally.

I finally managed to find 1.75 for the water vending machine. Except that nothing came out of the machine. Then I kicked it. And drove away parched with scaling scales and all.