Wednesday, May 05, 2010

WaPo Puts Its Left Shoe Forwards!

That's what I read. The Washington Post online is nothing but a sea of red Maoists, Leninists and Stalinists, because it has hired a few liberal bloggers.

If indeed the Post is showing us its left foot, that foot is wearing testosterone-smelling wingtips:

The Post's foray into the new media world received some unfavorable attention last weekend when its latest hire, Dave Weigel, who covers conservatives, referred to gay marriage foes as "bigots." But the resulting controversy brought into relief a larger shift: The Post now hosts three of the strongest liberal blogs on the Internet, and draws a disproportionate share of its traffic and buzz from them, a significant change for a traditional newspaper that has struggled to remake itself.

Besides Weigel, who came from the liberal Washington Independent, the Post also has Ezra Klein, hired last May from the American Prospect to bring his brand of deliberately wonky policy writing to its website; and Greg Sargent, who the paper said Tuesday will soon move to the Post itself after coming from TPM to run a political blog for the Post-owned website,

Not a single stiletto shod blogger anywhere in sight. The only reference to any writer without testicles in that story was Kathleen Parker, the Post's conservative and misogynist columnist.

Not sure what to make of all that. But then I forgot that girls don't blog so it's really hard to find any female bloggers.