Monday, April 12, 2010

What Is Blogging For?

After writing my silly rant about animal research I got up several times to remove it as a post from the blog, because it is not on feminism or politics, not well researched (which I usually try to do), messy, unclear and most likely only interest to myself. I could have written that post in my daily limbering-up-for-writing folder (goodmorningworldhateyoufuckers) and be done with it in terms of the temporary relief I get from writing something down.

But I left it, because I started thinking about the question in the title of this post. What is blogging for? It's not a substitute for journalism, that's for sure, and although it can be an excellent way to provide new or expert information on some topic, that's not what most bloggers do.

But what is it that we do?

I hope that this blog provides a place for deeper discussions and new ideas to be tossed about, and because I have such wonderful readers it often does exactly that. Still, what should be tossed into that pool? (Now I think of all of us as seals playing volleyball in a pool.)

Perhaps tossing some half-formed ideas, some ragged emotions, some weird questions IS as useful as offering beautifully honed and researched final theses with the nice circular structure I esthetically appreciate? And I need more frivolous posts. Suggestions on those are much appreciated. Otherwise I will start a fashion advice column and you don't really want that.
Picture of snake by 1Watt, Hermit.