Monday, April 19, 2010

A Short Post On Health Information

I have noticed recently how very many headlines about health studies are on women's health: Teenage girls shouldn't drink because of later benign breast disease risk, women should walk more, drinking wine might keep women slimmer in later life and so on.

All this could be a sign of the medical industry trying to be fairer. After all, it has a rather dubious past of ignoring women in large trials (aspirin and heart health, for example) altogether or of seeing women as only a walking uterus when it comes to health. That may be a good thing, that recalibration.

On the other hand, I suspect that those topics are picked because women are the major consumers of health news. If that's the case, we are short-changing men. After all, I'm pretty sure that drinking heavily while your body is developing cannot be good for boys, either, and it would be important to know what the dire consequences might be. Likewise, perhaps wine keeps men slim, too, and perhaps walking is great for them, too?

Why can't these types of studies look at both men and women?