Tuesday, April 06, 2010

On The Death Threats Against Senator Murray

It's all over the news today, the case of a man making death threats against Senator Murray because of her stance on the health care reform.

But the newspapers have sterilized the language to a point where some of the nastiness has also been steamed away. Here is an especially virulent excerpt from the recorded phone calls to Murray. (I have studded it with stars to try to get my blog off the pron list at some places of work.):

Senator...F**k you. You are fired. You are 86'ed. F**k you, you Pike Street f**king whore. You f**king slut. Come over to Yakima and list-- Come on down to Grandview and get some more spit d**k there, you old f**king c**t.

To me this is different from just stating that his threats were full of obscenities. Something is lost in the translation, and that something is the misogyny in the original language.