Thursday, April 15, 2010

More On Clothing

Triggered by the comments to my previous post on clothes, I dropped by a very high-level clothing store last night, right before closing, to ask the people working there a few questions. It was a store for men, not for women (there were no suitable stores for women in that area for me to pester), but the responses I got should be of wider interest.

Here's the story:

Echidne enters a fancy store for hard-working rich guyz. She's dressed in baggy sweatpants, a jeans jacket and sneakers. Thus, she is ignored by the staff until she chases two of them into a corner and asks the following question: What does your store stock to men who would be regarded as overweight?

One of the two staff members tells me that such men should lose weight and then slips away. The other says that fat men should have their clothes tailored. They offer tailoring services. Yes, of course individual tailoring cost a lot more than off-the-rack suits.

Echidne leaves, to mull over this. She now understands more clearly why large women don't demand better clothes from the market place. One gets shamed.