Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I'm Not A Wabbit

You need to listen to Lilly von Schtupp to get the title of this post which is about a possible new treatment for the female sexual arousal disorder:

Attempts to treat female sexual dysfunction with Pfizer's erectile dysfunction drug Viagra have for the most part failed, but a new prototype from the company offers hope for a female-specific treatment for those with female sexual arousal disorder, FSAD.

The drug, which the researchers tested on rabbits, acts by increasing blood flow specifically to the genitalia, enhancing and extending the duration of arousal.

The drug would not help all types of female sexual arousal disorder, however, as blood flow is only one of many reasons that women experience sexual dysfunction.

OK. That wasn't a very serious reaction.

But in general I'm not sure that there isn't a feedback link from arousal problems to libido itself. If that's the case, this drug could help women feel more desire, too.