Monday, March 15, 2010

From Echidne's Mailbag

This piece on the adman and art director George Lois is interesting. It's about the history of feminism, in an odd sort of way.

Jaclyn Friedman writes about college policies when it comes to rape.

VT (thanks!) sent me a link to a website which sells a perfume named after me. The description is hilarious:

This was the divine and haughty Ekhidna, and half of her is a Nymphe with a fair face and eyes glancing, but the other half is a monstrous ophis, terrible, enormous and squirming and voracious, there in earth's secret places. For there she has her cave on the underside of a hollow rock, far from the immortal gods, and far from all mortals.

I'm partial to frankincense, actually.