Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tuesday's Fluff Post

Yes, I have posted this one before. But he's so good.

In other news, I have just bought 3.5lbs of fake pearls in strings. It's part of my new idea of trying something I have never tried before. I'm going to cover a kitchen stool with the pearls and then set it in front of a poster showing some swine. Get it?

More seriously, they will go into my crafts closet which is already overflowing. It contains old velvet dresses bought at Sally Army store for the fabric, old gloves and ties bought for some now-forgotten creative reason, buttons, sequins, silk thread, linen thread and so on.

One day I will clear it all out but not yet, because that closet is the Closet of Possibilities. For instance, I could take one of those long embroidered gloves, stuff it and have it hold an artificial rose. All this would be laid inside a miniature casket with the title The Death Of The Hand In The Glove. Mmm.

Where do you keep your dreams?