Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Today's Action Alert

It concerns the case of Amalia in Nicaragua. Here is what you can do:

Request for action:

Women's groups are asking for urgent action. They are currently asking that individuals and organizations send letters today making the following points, to the contacts listed below:

* The state should not inhibit doctors from having honest, medically accurate discussions with their patients about their health, life, and treatment options;
* Amelia must have immediate access to timely, quality information and be able to determine her own course of treatment;
* All decisions taken (by the IACHR/Nicaraguan government) must consider Amalia’s well-being and health first;
* Amelia’s cancer treatment must be authorized without further delay. Amelia has indicated she wants cancer treatment.

Contacts for two key members of the IACHR:

* Luz Patricia Mejía, Chair: Rapporteur for Argentina, Ecuador y Bolivia, and Rapporteur on the Rights of Women. luzmejia@hotmail.com

* Felipe González, IACHR Vice-Chair: Rapporteur for Brasil, Cuba, El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua, and Rapporteur on the Rights of Migrant Workers and their Families. Felipe.gonzalez@udp.cl

Both can also be reached by fax at: 202-458-3992

Contacts for Nicaraguan authorities:

Daniel Ortega Saavedra Rosario Murillo, President of the Republic of Nicaragua; rmurillo@ibw.com.ni

Dr. Guillermo Gonzalez, Minister of Health, Nicaragua. ggonzalez@minsa.gob.ni

Marcia Ramirez Minister for the Family, mmuñoz@mifamilia.gob.ni

Cro. Samuel Santos Chancellor of the Republic of Nicaragua, ssantos@minrex.gob.ni

José Pallais President, Commission on Justice of the National Assembly, pallaish@ibw.com.ni

Edwin Castro Head of the PSLN Party, National Assembly (505)883-5046 salud@correo.asamblea.gob.ni

Ing. Ana Julia Balladares President, Commission on Women anajulia10@hotmail.com

Monica Baltodano Independent Deputy balto@cablenet.com.ni

Dra. Alba Luz Ramos Judge aramos@csj.gob.ni

Dr. Francisco Rosales, President of the Constitutional branch of the Supreme Court of Justice, frosales@csj.gob.ni

Dr. Manuel Martinez President, Supreme Court of Justice mmartinez@csj.gob.ni