Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Short And Stupid Sunday Sermon

Jeffrey Rosen in the WaPo* on president Barack Obama:

He's too detached and cerebral . Too deferential to Congress. Too willing to compromise . And he's too much of a law professor and not enough of a commander in chief, as Sarah Palin recently admonished.

These are some of the qualities for which the president, rightly or wrongly, is criticized. They are also the qualities that make him well suited for another steady job on the federal payroll: Barack Obama, Supreme Court justice.

Pardon me while I gouge my eyes out and rinse them in bleach.

Mr. Rosen would like an over-emotional president with just a little brain? One who stomps his little foot and yells until he gets what he wants? Didn't we try one of those in the recent past, hmmm. How did that work out?

Never mind. And never mind the arrogance of someone who is planning to demote the POTUS like that, for a demotion the SCOTUS would be for Obama. And though I do agree that Obama is too palsy-walsy with the wingnuts so are the five sinister Justices on the Supreme Court, the activist ones who lurve corporations and dream of the supernatural wisdom of the Founding Fathers who were all rich white guys wearing wigs and practically nobody had the right to vote but nevertheless those boys Knew Stuff!

This is what people have opinions about...
*Yes, the same newspaper which in 2008 published an open hate-piece about women.