Saturday, January 23, 2010

From YouTube comments

Yes, I know that going there is like seeking something under the outhouse. But I happened to see this comment attached to a report on Haiti and thought it was a nice example of the fact that liberals and progressives don't regard all causes as equally important:

you stupid sad informed idiot if you really think that they put trillions into? blacks you are obviously a uneducated white person!! the money your talking about went straight to the white rich elite or in other words bankers!!So you keep believing that black people eat cash you twat!!!

For those who might not know, "twat" is the same as "cunt."

What I get from that comment is not someone who is against women or feminism but someone whose reptile brain brings up women as the nastiest thing he/she can think of when very angry. That IS part of the problem of trying to sell feminist ideas: Our reptile brains have already been well filled with the contempt towards women and all things female.