Thursday, December 31, 2009

Odd Rules. Or Echidne Playing A Cultural Anthropologist.

When Rush Limbaugh was taken to the hospital with chest pains some on the liberal/progressive side of the political aisle used the Twitter to express a wish for his speedy demise. The conservatives didn't like this at all. Neither did many liberals and progressives, to be exact. I read several comments on Eschaton urging others to remain polite and courteous.

I don't hope for Rush's death, myself. I hope that he repents, comes to the light and gives my blog lots of money to keep on operating. But it's still funny how we condemn unidentified people on the Twitter or in the commenting threads of blogs and not Rush himself. After all, his major shtick is to make fun of people who have died or the young daughter of a president or women or minorities in general. Cruelty, in short. But he himself should not suffer any backlash from that well-paid cruelty. Food for thought on this New Year's Eve.