Tuesday, November 24, 2009

To Expound On The Obvious?

One of the weirdest things about blogging is that I never know if something I write about is totally obvious or if it might have some value for others. So I pretty much write about everything inside my divine head and watch to see which things drop into the abyss and which do not. But often I do feel a bit silly doing this. Like now, for example.

The (probably obvious) point is that different groups of "the oppressed" are not necessarily on the same side in political debates, and to automatically assume that they are can lead one into trouble. For one example, men who are oppressed on ethnic or racial grounds can easily see their own fight for equality as a righteous one but at the same time regard women as people who should be oppressed on religious or cultural grounds. Not seeing this can lead to cases where a person works for the rights of a group which then would like that person to have fewer rights.

Feminists discuss some of this when addressing racism within the movement. But the same arguments also apply in reverse. And in many other cases.