Monday, November 16, 2009


You can send a coathanger message to all those who voted for the Stupak amendment here. What is truly fascinating, though, is the initial form of the Stupak amendment: It would not have allowed payment for all abortions resulting from rape but only those cases where the rape was forcible! Because otherwise those sluts would lie about being raped just to get god-fearing manly Christians to pay for their abortions.

So how much would the Stupak amendment really matter? We are told by dispassionate and calm people of all sexes that the amendment doesn't really matter much at all! Women are already fucked as far as abortion is concerned, dontchaknow, and we should all be quite used to our second-class citizenship status. Besides, women's issues make politicians flare their nostrils as if some very bad smell had invaded them.

And being kind and considerate is what ladies do, right? No real lady would want to block health care reform just for the sake of something as trivial as abortion coverage. Because we NEED health care reform.

We do, of course. But when are we going to need women's equality?

That, my sweeties, was a rhetorical question.