Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Sexxeee Men

The Halloween costume thread below has an interesting discussion about what kinds of outfits might be sexy for men to wear, and a more serious discussion about what heterosexual women might find sexy in men in general. And I mean looks, here. We are talking superficial, sisters! We are gonna objectify in a big way!

Sorta kidding (though I know I'm going to get yelled at for this post and I deserve it). But anyone who spends much time on unmoderated political comments threads will find out that women's bodies are discussed a lot, men's bodies not so much (unless I'm present and doing reversals), and everybody then assumes that women aren't at all interested in the way men look in general, just in their pocket-books (usually) or their soulful minds (sometimes). The corollary is that men don't have to try to dress for their partners at all. The deeper corollary is then that the society demands all that pleasing from women and not from men.

I AM interested in the soulful minds of people, including men, and in brains and in kindness and in good ethics and good window-washing skills. But this doesn't mean that looks wouldn't be a nice plus. Or rather, I think that there are certain looks (not necessarily the ones that the popular culture assumes) which I admire and feel drawn to, and I suspect that this might be true of other women, too.

So the real point of this post is not to objectify men but to see what it is that heterosexual women might find visually pleasing in men in general. Because the popular culture (and evo-psychos and so on) keep telling women that women don't care about youth and looks and good bodies in their partners it may be hard to go past that to see whether we actually might have some preferences.