Thursday, October 29, 2009

Today's Article Juxtaposition

Thanks to moonbootica, who noticed these two stories on Whirlpool. First, the company got stimulus funds:

Whirlpool Corporation today announced that it is the recipient of stimulus funds as part of the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) Smart Grid Investment Grant program.

The grant of $19.3 million over a two year period - which Whirlpool will match
with its own investments - will help the company accelerate its work to
deliver to consumers smart appliances that can connect with the smart grid.

Second, Whirlpool is moving a refrigerator plant out of the U.S.:

Calling for U.S. leaders to repeal trade agreements and for citizens to buy goods made in America, current and former employees of Whirlpool rallied outside the company's Evansville factory Tuesday.

Drivers passing by on U.S. 41 honked to show support for the protestors, who stood on the highway's legal easement to not trespass on company property. Their message appeared on a number of signs, bearing the words, "Property Tax Cuts for Whirlpool = Job Loss," "Whirlpool to Welfare" and "Whirlpool Abandoned Us."

Bill Robertson, who has worked at the plant for 16 years, braved the rain that afternoon to make drivers aware of what he considers the consequences of buying products made in foreign countries. Those habits largely led to Whirlpool's decision to close its Evansville factory by the middle of next year, putting about 1,100 people out of work, Robertson said.

The company plans to stop making refrigerators there, as it has done for more than 50 years, and move that work to a plant to be built in Mexico at a cost of about $55 million.

Funny how that goes.