Sunday, September 13, 2009


I bought a fantasy book to read while traveling on the train. It's supposed to be all about elves and suchlike. But what do I read on page nine? This*

He kissed me again, conveying that need as his hands ravaged my body. My own hands slid along the smooth perfection of his bare skin, awakening my desire....

This is a half-elf woman making love with a guy who turns into a fox once in a while, and it gets lots more explicit. I know because I had to check all along the book to frown at those types of pages. Heh.

More seriously, this trend of combining sexual descriptions with fantasy was probably started by those vampire books I wrote about some time ago. It's a little weird, like buying a package with all your fast food needs satisfied: Elves? Sure, we've got them. Hawt sex? But of course!

I'm trying to rewrite the Lord of The Rings to go with the idea. Most sex in that book would have to be between guys, given the dearth of women in Tolkien's worlds.
The book is Thorn Queen by Richelle Mead.