Monday, September 14, 2009

And Good News Monday Post!

I bet you didn't think I could write one of them, eh? Well, see how wrong you were:

A new White House Council on Women and Girls is assessing every government agency to see if its programs do enough to benefit women. The first senior adviser on domestic violence and the first ambassador for women's issues around the globe are developing programs to prevent violence again women at home and abroad. First lady Michelle Obama is highlighting women's achievements, helping families and pushing girls to succeed.

OK. It's not perfect, because we didn't get government-funded obligatory once-a-week abortions and shit. At least according to the Concerned Women of America:

Conservative women are unimpressed.

"Obama's policies reflect the views of hard-core abortion and feminist groups," says Wendy Wright, president of Concerned Women for America. "Considering the diversity of views among American women, it is insulting to assume that there is one 'women's view' and it is represented by liberal feminist activists. … Obama's choices reflect a stereotypical view of women who are abortion advocates who are dependent on government."

Check dependency:

Yup, I'm dependent on the government for running this blog, right?

Check hard-coredness:


More seriously, the Concerned Women and Christian Ladies Against Feminism and all other such anti-feminist groups are free to do their own thing in this new Feminazi country of ours. Honest. It's hard to believe, I know, but it's the truth. Because feminists do know that women (just as people in general, including men) have more than one view of their proper places in this world. However, if you think a little you will realize that the ideal country the Concerned Women and their ilk desire would not be equally tolerant of other views. So there.

I'd like that committee to focus specifically on whether the needs of poor women and girls are adequately met. Many of the relevant departments were left in a fairly bad state after eight years of Bush, and much of the wreckage was intentionally aimed at women and girls. Or so I think.