Monday, August 17, 2009

A kind of stereoscopic vision (by Prometheus 6)

I once wrote

I sometimes think of the USofA like it's the planet Saturn: Black folks are the ring system, considered part of the planet by everyone that's interested, but not really. It's been suggested the ring system is the remnant of a solid body. In this metaphor, the African American Culture Wars is between those who want to reassemble the shattered moon and those who want to negotiate a soft landing on the planet. And the rings, the individual moonlets, continue the dance that ornaments the planet.

I like that metaphor so I want to work with it for minute.

This is how the USofA looks from the outside


This is how the USofA looks to Black folks.


I'd like to include a view of the rings as seen from Saturn, but all I could find was science fiction fantasy art.