Saturday, July 25, 2009

This Is Bad (Trigger Warning)

An eight-year old girl of Liberian origin was gang-raped in Phoenix by four boys also of Liberian origin and not much older than herself. But that's not the only reason this is news:

Lured by promises of chewing gum and raped in a shed by four boys barely older than her, an 8-year-old Liberian girl is now in foster care and living with strangers instead of the family that raised her and brought her to America.


Police say the girl's father told a police officer and a Child Protective Services worker that he doesn't want her anymore.

We must stop victim-blaming in all countries of the world. And we really must stop thinking that an eight-year old girl could somehow be responsible for her own gang-rape or that a raped woman or girl brings shame to her family. The shame belong to someone else entirely. Most prominently to all the cultures of the world which view girls as less valuable than boys.

It's not that long ago when much of rape here was regarded as shameful enough for women to hide from the authorities. It still happens, actually.