Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Meanwhile, in Cincinnati

No, a cockroach has not eaten Cincinnati. Instead:

State legislation introduced this month by Rep. John Adams of Shelby County, and co-sponsored by five Cincinnati-area Republicans, would require women to get a father's written consent before having an abortion in Ohio.

The 'father' in the quote is not the woman's father. That's what I thought they meant at first. It's the man who made the woman pregnant. His permission would be needed unless the pregnancy was the result of rape or incest or caused risk to her life or health. The proposal seems to directly violate the right to privacy argument of Roe v. Wade.

Wild stuff. Smells of patriarchy more than the insides of an old dirty bowler hat. If you don't get the man's permission you have engaged in 'abortion fraud!'

The proposal doesn't seem to be an anti-abortion 'pro-life' bill as much as a men's reproductive rights bill.