Sunday, July 26, 2009

Five Women, Five Accordions

I find this hilarious. The song is in Finnish, but here's a rough translation of the first few verses:

The mouths of girls have long watered for me
but my mama taught me to avoid women -
they are wild and crazy.

The girls grab on to me like burrs
because I've got that which entrances women
but I shall take care that
I die as a bachelor.

Everybody wondered over that
How weird, they said
But I said "I have other things to finger"
even when she comes to sit by my side [strictly: quickly collapses next to me].

The girls have often tried to hook me
but I have never taken the bait
A woman might be like fresh-baked bread
but I have the will-power of a man.

And I'm not lured by silks or nylons,
rouges, lipsticks or powder.
If you fall for those at night
you will feel rotten in the morning.

This boy will never finger a woman
An accordion is enough for my fingers
Even when she comes to sit by my side.