Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Where The Women Are

This is still on the CAF conference and my impressions on it. The conference just ended and in many ways it's too early for me to write any type of summary post about the 'status of the progressive movement' in this country or some similar high-faluting post. But I did notice that there were women on most panels, plenty of women among the media and plenty of women among the organizers. All this is very nice, though of course we should have plenty of women in most places given that women are the numerical majority. Still, I'm pleased with what I saw and that included many women of color.

Still, only one of the larger sessions was on women's issues (on the treatment of mothers in the labor force). I don't think we live in the post-feminist society quite yet (that will take another millennium or two), and it would have been nice to have more discussion on gender (including its various interactions with class, ethnicity, religion and race) and its impact in a focused way.

Though I must admit that women's issues did crop up in several general sessions and that was most excellent.