Saturday, June 13, 2009

Night Thoughts

While looking for a particular Finnish song on YouTube (the song will be found at the bottom of this post) I noticed that the YouTube comments in Finnish contain lots of woman-loathing. A mild example:

Tosi ihana! Kaunis ääni, ja ihanaa että kerranki joku miespuolinenki laittaa näitä omia tulkintojaan tänne...? Ja hieno kappale! En oikee perusta noista "me singing"-videoista missä tytöt kiekuu millon kuinkaki karmeesti bändien biisejä ja tää on siis erinomaista vaihtelua sellasille! :D

Rough translation:

Truly fine! A beautiful voice, and it's great that for once someone of the male sex puts his own interpretations here...? And a fine piece! I don't really like those "me singing" videos where girls cock-a-doodle however horribly the songs of bands and this is therefore an excellent change from that!

The particular song this was attached to is available on You Tube sung by three men and two women (based on my quick count), and I'm 100% convinced that there are more songs by men than by women on You Tube overall.

I noticed that comment because right before that one I saw a comment telling us that it was MEN (capitalized) who died for Finland in WWII and thus deserve to be the top dogs, and I immediately started thinking about how it was also men who attacked from the other side and men who decided on that war in the first place and how this particular man (born 1959) had nothing to do with the war but still wants to be revered for it.

In any case, none of this is terribly important. But it's a fact that there are very few places where I can go on the net without being prepared for expressions of anger aimed at my group. The same must be doubly true for women of color.

For another example of these sudden ugly encounters, I was reading a biography of Bertrand Russell, to relax, and learned that his book On Marriage And Morals argued that women are, on average, stupider than men and that blacks are, on average, inferior to whites. He refused to remove the statement about women, saying that it's not a good idea to flatter women, but he did later remove the statement about blacks and whites. The Wikipedia tells me the latter though it fails to mention his comment about stupid women altogether and naturally therefore also whether it was ever removed.

Here's the song I was looking for: "On Suuri Sun Rantas Autius"

It's great background music for sobbing.