Thursday, May 21, 2009

Welcome To Teh Silly

The Republican Party had this fantastic idea to rename the Democratic Party:

Republicans on Wednesday abandoned an effort to label their opponents the "Democrat Socialist Party," ending a fight within the GOP ranks that reflected the divide between those who want a more centrist message and those seeking a more aggressive, conservative voice.

Supporters of the resolution asking the Democratic Party to change its name instead agreed to accept language urging Democrats to "stop pushing our country towards socialism and government control."

It is the apex of silliness, of course, and was only pursued by the extreme edge of the wingnuttery. But did you notice something weird about how this has been discussed in the media? Let me help you by reminding you of the treatment of the rabid left and its inexplicable hatred a year ago or so. Even the New York Times did a piece or two of the deranged bloggers of the left.

And then this silliness! Treated with kid gloves and neutrality.

At least we are reminded about the power of naming and who appears to have the right to do that.