Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Frailty Of Memory. Or On Kooks.

The Memory Hole must be enormous in this country, because few people in the mainstream media compare what's happening right now with what took place in the last eight years. Suddenly the government of Texas talks about seceding! And Rush Limbaugh says he's no kook. Neither does he appear to be a traitor at all. But oh-so very recently any criticism of the government was treason and kooks were abundant on the left.

Then there's the conservative argument that the government is trying to make dissent a crime. Suddenly! And after the last eight years when dissent was something that was respected and even encouraged! It's all very confusing for someone who actually has a functioning memory (mine does function, all too well).

But more seriously: Dissent should not be stifled. It is violence that should be stifled. That's the tightrope the government must walk along and should always walk along.