Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thursday's Echidne Musings

Do I repeat myself too much? What do you do when you think you have said everything you want to say but doubt that it stuck? Repeat it again and again? Heh.

This ties to something else I have been thinking, which is the role of individual feminist blogs. The blogs seem to have grown an almost-natural division of labor so that some bloggers focus on news about women, some on reproductive issues or women-and-sex or women-and-religion or on questions of race-and-gender etc., and sometimes I think I should fill in one of the gaps that still exist in the feminist blogosphere. One of those gaps is the lack of a good expert blog on the way women are viewed in academic research and its popularizations, and I, for one, would read such a blog. Not so sure about writing it, though, given that I'm not an expert. Which means that I'm going to start asking for experts to volunteer. You could even write for this here blog.

There's also a need for blogs which provide support and validation, as well as blogs which just analyze issues critically and let the comments be argumentative. Right now this blog is mostly in the latter camp. Should it stay there?

I'm always in the winter of my discontent, being a goddess of gloom, sigh. It's sorta enjoyable if you are melancholic by nature. But I'm serious about always wanting to do better and to have more and more conversations with you, my erudite and sweet readers.