Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Misogyny Is Fun!

Or perhaps fun is misogynistic? Or I might just be a humorless hairy-armpit-card-carrying feminazi. I can look at this picture which someone linked to from Eschaton comments:

and I can even get the joke. But then I remember walking past a store which caters for the bikers and saw a sticker in the window, a sticker you could buy and stick on your bike. It said: Never Trust Something That Bleeds Five Days A Month And Doesn't Die.

Which I found rather woman-hating. Google "bleeds five days", though, and you will find it being used as a personal saying and such by some men and women. It's hard for me to figure out what positive value women get from that comment. It could be that they swam through it to the very bottom, understanding completely the loathing and the fear and all the other submessages that sentence has, and that they then came up again, with some greater truth or power about the sentence. It could be. But I doubt that. I suspect that they are just trying to fit in a society which sorta hates them, or perhaps to distance themselves from the real meaning of that comment by pretending to be on the other side, the side which does not bleed without dying. That is sad.
Added later: Michael Savage gives us more fun jokes about women.