Thursday, February 26, 2009

A dog for the White House (by Suzie)

        The Obamas have been looking for a dog that would be less likely to cause allergies. Michelle says she wants a Portuguese water dog. Barack has said he's considering that breed or a Labradoodle, a mix of a Labrador retriever and a poodle.
        Both dogs have coats similar to the hypoallergenic poodle, without the French connection and the association with the effete. 
        In a previous interview, Barack said he wanted a "big, rambunctious dog," not a small "girly" lap dog.
        The Obamas say they will get a rescued dog. I checked Petfinder, which turned up only two Portuguese water dogs in the country available for adoption. Both are mixes. At right is Bear, a mix with a Lab. What a great compromise! He's described as house-trained, very obedient and laid-back. 
      Although I know that all rescues do not use Petfinder, it does appear that there aren't a whole lot of Portuguese water dogs out there. The Obamas should understand that they will help popularize any breed they choose, and the breeders will crank up their operations. A mix would send a great signal.