Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Useful Things I’ve Learned in 2008 by Anthony McCarthy

- Coffee made with water that is just steaming instead of boiling tastes better. At least when you let it steep for five minutes in a Pyrex measuring cup) and filter it through those natural paper filters. Measuring helps to monitor and so control my coffee addiction, yeah, that’s right. Controls it.

- Getting over squeamishness about washing and using flannel handkerchiefs instead of paper tissue was a big improvement to life. It’s better for the nose during a bad cold (doesn’t chafe), saves money and is better for the environment. Mine are cut from old flannel shirts so they were free too. And if you forget them in the wash, no tissue lint all over everything. Get a lot of them, you’re not going to feel like washing them when you need them most. Two more words, pre-soak. Twice.

Got any hints for the coming year?